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Agencies are expensive and slow
Doing it yourself is frustrating
You overpay for the same leads

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Whether your budget is $150 or $11,000 per month, the Effortless AI pushes the boundaries to achieve the maximum results for your dollars.

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At TMG, we have always executed our own Google Ads, but after learning about Effortless Ads, we decided to give it a try on one community. After the first month, Effortless was our #1 ad source! The sign up process was truly “effortless,” giving us more time to focus on other marketing agendas. We are excited to roll this out on our stabilized and lease up communities!

Gray Lane
Director of Digital Marketing, JMG Realty, Inc.

Shortly after piloting two communities with Effortless Ads, we noticed a higher conversion to leases at a much lower cost than our ILS partners. We captured four leases in 30 days with a minimal ad spend. We couldn't be more pleased with the traffic, service, and analytics that Effortless Ads provides and have plans to initiate their service on other assets.

Tracy Cherry
Marketing Director at Summit Property Management

Effortless Ads has dramatically maximized our marketing dollars! We are generating high quality leads at the fraction of the cost of an ILS. For our lease-up properties, we see fewer general inquiries and more targeted prospects who are ready to take action. Effortless is saving our team so much time and energy.

Sarah Seeger
CAM, Portfolio Manager, Provence Residence

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